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Review Your Life Insurance Before Trimming Hedges

As a single working mom of two children, my time is precious. Every hour is accounted for, and in the summer, I have to make time for yard work too (not my favorite). But I figured it was always cheaper to make time than to hire someone. That is, until I experienced a single moment of almost-electrocution while I was trimming hedges. In that moment,... Read Article

Seven Groups Most Likely to Lack Life Insurance

Are you inadvertently putting your loved ones in danger? Millions of Americans lack enough—or even any—life insurance. Are you one of them? A recent study revealed that life insurance ownership recently hit a 50-year low—and that 35 million households don’t have any life insurance at all. This means that the death of an income earner could be as financially catastrophic as it is sad. Behind... Read Article