Online Quotes for Auto Insurance

There are hundreds of companies that offer online quotes for auto insurance. Before you provide any details or any of your personal information, make sure you are certain that the company is reputable, based in the USA, and will not share any of your information. There are certain companies that should always be avoided, particularly websites that just farm out quotes to various states and... Read Article

Need Motorcycle Insurance?

If you have recently purchased a motorcycle or are searching for a better option for motorcycle insurance in the Louisburg area, Hodges Insurance is here to help. The team at our agency lives and works in Louisburg, and we are committed to serving our local community of motorcycle riders. We know you need coverage that gives you the highest level of protection at the lowest... Read Article

Can Smartphones Reduce Distracted Driving?

There’s no question that to stay safe behind the wheel, drivers should keep their hands on the wheel, their eyes on the road and their minds on what they’re doing — anything else could become a deadly case of distracted driving, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Last year, Erie Insurance analyzed the top 10 driving distractions involved in fatal crashes and found... Read Article

(Bitter) Sweet 16 Series: One Mom’s Drive to Survive, Part I

Well it happened – my daughter Maddi recently celebrated her Sweet 16. Personally, I see nothing sweet about it. They’re already sassy little people and now we introduce the idea that they’re capable and mature enough to operate a 4,000-pound vehicle? On real roads? Next to pedestrians? And other moving vehicles? Help! Maddi already knew the cards were stacked against her since I work for... Read Article

Commercial Auto Insurance: What is the Best Coverage?

Your company has specific needs for commercial auto insurance coverage. How much coverage should you have in place for liability, comprehensive coverage, collision coverage and medical payments?  You need to protect yourself against both uninsured and underinsured drivers, a problem for company drivers in Louisburg. Your company may rent certain vehicles from time to time, or have employees that use their personal cars or trucks... Read Article